Niels Holvoet

Hi, I'm Niels

I work as a Technology & Innovation Strategist 🏢 at Sirris and I occasionally write ✍🏻 at Software Whisper

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Software Whisper helps with the creation of valuable software solutions, making better digital investments, and improving the developer experience.


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Advisory Services

As a Technology and Innovation Strategist at Sirris, I can help you succeed with your digital initiatives. I can also bring you into contact with other experts when needed.


People, Processes, and Technology

Get everyone aligned, create focus, make better digital investments, and build products that your customers and employees love.

Alignment and Focus

Create a winning strategy, set visible goals, build the right solutions, monitor progress, and create a motivated workforce

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Make Better Digital Investments

Increase your bottom line by confidently choosing what to buy or build, which tools to use, and knowing how to manage your digital initiatives

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Succesfull Products

Build successful products and make confident decisions by complementing your critical thinking with data insights.

Our awesome features

Let's Talk

I'm always happy to learn what your business or team is struggling with. Let's see if I can help you reach your goals.

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